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With Lane Cove Return and Earn, you’re helping our environment and earning along the way.


Now we’ve partnered with Ruckus Energy Co to put even more money back in the community.


Ruckus is an Australian company helping everyday people save money on petrol. Ruckus uses its significant buying power to purchase fuel on a wholesale basis. Ruckus then passes these savings on to their members. Ruckus members access discount member-only prices via the secure Ruckus App and use the app when they fill and pay.


Ruckus membership usually is $5 per month. On average, Ruckus members filling in Lane Cove in March have saved 23.9c/litre so far– that’s an $11 saving on a 50L fill!  Members have access to discounted petrol all day, everyday.


As a SPECIAL OFFER for Lane Cove Return & Earn customers, Ruckus offers you a FREE 1-month trial AND an additional two months credit towards membership. That’s a saving of $15 already.


There are two Ruckus locations in Lane Cove: Caltex Lane Cove and BP Northwood. There are also sites in Auburn, Blaxland and further afield in Regional NSW. The company is actively growing its network particularly in Sydney.


Here’s how it works:


Download the Ruckus App from Google or Apple Store. Enter your details and the unique Lane Cove Return and Earn Code: LCRE2022. Add your nominated credit card to pay for your petrol purchases.


When it’s time to fill up with petrol, simply:

  1. Open the Ruckus App to see your nearest location, the fuel on offer and the members-only price.

  2. Enter your pump number in the app and pick your maximum $ amount to fill.

  3. Fill as normal. When you replace the hose, the payment for the amount you filled is charged automatically to your nominated card, and your receipt is emailed.

  4. You don’t have to go inside to pay or do anything else. You can drive away.


Ruckus is a local company committed to the community where they operate. 


You can find out more on their website:


Save on petrol. Save time. Reduce paper receipts.


Please give Ruckus a go.

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