Lane Cove Return and Earn Account Set Up

An account is NOT needed if you are making deliveries to our site in person. For all drop-off services, your refund can be paid in either cash or bank transfer.

An account is necessary if you want to engage in any of our Return and Earn Collection Services such as:

  • Regular Bin Services

  • Regular and Non-Regular Bag Collection Services

  • One-off Collections

Please note that all refunds for Collection services are paid via bank transfer.

Once you have submitted the Account Set Up form one of our staff will process you into our system and will get in touch to discuss the next steps.

We have an annual service fee of $50 to secure delivery of a bin to your property within approximately 14 days of paying the bin fee. Our exchange and swap over of bins from then is for free. Once paid your bin will be delivered automatically within an estimated 14 day period.

You DO NOT need to pay to sign up for our collection services, as we offer free collection of all bins and bags. The only fee you pay is your annual $50 bin service fee. Simply fill out the below form and let your collection process begin.

Account Set Up

Thank you for submitting, we will be in touch asap with your login details